Visitors information

At Hobart Private Hospital we understand that the presence of patient’s friends, families and loved ones is important for their recovery.

Please read through the information below, to ensure you understand our hospital's policies before you arrive.

During the current phase of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions & visiting hours are as follows:

Emergency & Day Surgery Units

  • Visitors are not permitted inside these units unless approved by the Unit Manager at the time of presentation

Critical Care and Cardiology, Medical and Surgical Units:  

  • Visitors are not restricted however a limit of two (2) visitors can visit at any time during visiting hours 
  • Children under 16 are not encouraged to visit. Exemptions may be granted by prior arrangement with the Director of Nursing or delegate. 


  • One (1) support person for the birth & postnatal period & a limit of two (2) visitors in a patient’s room at any time during Level 3 visiting hours 
  • Siblings may visit with either of the two daily visitors during visiting hours

Current Visiting Hours: 

  • Level 1,2 & 4 - 11.00am - 5.00pm daily 
  • Level 3 - 12.00-1.00 pm and / or 3.00-5.00pm daily

All visitors must report to the nurse station before visiting and complete screening questions.  A sticker must be visible at all times

There is both metered parking and multi-storied public car parking facilities within close proximity of Hobart Private Hospital.

The local bus terminal is also within walking distance of the hospital.

Emergency patient 'drop off' can occur at the front entrance and the Department of Emergency Medicine, once the patient is in the care of hospital staff the car must be moved.

Visitor meals can be purchased.

Please speak to someone at the nurse station to order a visitor meal.

There are certain risks involved when bringing food into the hospital.

If you wish to bring food products into the hospital please talk to a nurse at the nurse's station.

Hobart Private Hospital is a 'no smoking facility' in accordance with Tasmanian legislation.

Please see restrictions as above.

All visitors must report to the nurse station prior to visiting.

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