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At Hobart Private Hospital we are committed to providing a high standard quality of care for all of our patients. Your needs and well-being are our highest priority, and we aim to deliver exceptional medical assistance in a caring and comfortable environment.

To ensure your admission and stay is as enjoyable as possible, and yoru discharge from hospital meets your expectations please read through all of the information in the drop down menu below.

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Your admission to Hobart Private Hospital will be arranged by either your specialist or your General Practitioner, who will inform you of the day and in some cases, the time you need to come to hospital.Often the hospital may also phone you to confirm your admission time but follow your doctor's instructions if you don't hear from the hospital. On arrival at Hobart Private Hospital proceed to the main reception desk where you will be directed to the appropriate department. In an emergency you may arrive by ambulance or you may present yourself to the Emergency Department.


Hobart Private Hospital has both private and shared rooms each with an ensuite.

Our rooms all have personal bedside televisions, with radio, telephones and nurse call facilities.

Local calls are free of charge, and phone cards can be purchased for mobile or STD calls.


Hobart Private Hospital prides itself on providing nutritional and flavoursome meals, cooked fresh daily. Menus are developed in consultation with qualified dieticians and rotate regularly to ensure seasonal variations.

Visitor meals can be purchased.

Please speak to someone at the nurse station to order a visitor meal.

There are certain risks involved when bringing food into the hospital. If you wish to bring food products into the hospital please talk to someone at the nurse station.


Visitors are permitted to bring flowers into the hospital although we suggest that you first check with staff on the ward prior to bringing flowers to the patient as sometimes flowers may not be permitted.

Vases are available in the wards so please ask the nursing staff for assistance.

Public Telephone

A public telephone is located inside the main reception on Lower Ground level.

Automatic Teller Machine

An automatic teller machine is located inside the main reception on Lower Ground Level.

Your doctor will inform you of your discharge date.

Kindly ensure that you have made arrangements for transport following discharge. Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact our staff for assistance.

Discharge planning

To facilitate the smooth transition between the Hobart Private Hospital and your home, discharge planners are available to assist you with the process. If required a comprehensive discharge assessment is conducted, identifying needs and assisting with the process of discharge home.

Discussions will focus on changes to your independence following your hospital stay. This may include the organisation of aids or services to assist with your recovery at home such as equipment or ongoing care.

The team are also able to assist with transition to aged care facilities if required.

We look forward to assisting you in this process and ensuring your discharge from hospital meets your needs.

What is your discharge time and process?

During your stay you will be seen by our discharge planning team to arrange any services that you may require to ensure your safe and comfortable transition.

In preparation of your discharge day, you will be informed that discharge times will be between 9.00am and 10.00am or once your doctor has reviewed you.

All requirements such as medications, equipment, services, instructions and follow up appointments will be organised prior to your departure.

On discharge you will be given an information sheet on how to manage your condition at home.

You will also be given information in regards to contacting your doctor or presenting back to our Emergency Department with any major concerns

Upon discharge please ensure that you collect all of your possessions when you leave the ward. Please also check with the nursing staff if you need to take any medications or x-rays with you when you leave.

When you are ready to leave the ward please advise the nurse or ward receptionist who will complete your discharge documentation and arrange for a staff member or volunteer to escort you to the hospital entrance.


Your medications may change while you are in hospital. It is imperative that you are aware of exactly what your medication regime will be upon discharge.

Our pharmacist will provide you with the information that you will require, such as correct dose and times of medications.

At the doctor's or pharmacist's discretion you may be provided with a medication discharge profile.

These are provided when there has been numerous changes made to your medication regime or if you are unsure of your regime.

This service is available to all DVA patients.

Hobart Private Hospital has agreements with the majority of private health funds to cover the hospital charges for your admission.

Your account for hospitalisation will include your accommodation and theatre fees and other chargeable items in accordance with Healthscope's current fee agreement with your health fund.

Please contact your health fund prior to admission to ensure that you do not have any restrictions to your cover, are financial and have served all applicable waiting periods. Your health fund will also be able to advise you of any excess or co-payments that you may incur.

You will be asked to complete and sign a health insurance claim form on admission. We will submit your claim directly to your health fund on your behalf.

It is important that you know that in the event that your health fund rejects your claim for reimbursement for any reason, the hospital will seek to recover any amounts outstanding from you. This is why it is important that you check your level of cover with your health fund prior to admission.

It is important to note that you may incur out-of-pocket expenses from any of the following during your stay:

Emergency Department attendance

  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Imaging or x-ray
  • Surgeon, physician or anaesthetist
  • Prosthetics or consumables not covered by your fund.

All out of pocket expenses will need to be paid prior to, or on admission. The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Credit card (1.5% surcharge for Visa and MasterCard, 3% surcharge for AMEX)
  • Cash
  • Bank cheque or money order.

Prior approval will be sought for compensable patients i.e. Work Cover and some Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Self funded / without private health fund cover

Patients with no private health insurance are also welcome at Hobart Private Hospital.

If you are a self-funded patient you may be required to pay an estimate of the total amount of the hospital account prior to admission to confirm your booking or the estimated total cost on admission.

You will be required to pay any positive difference in your account on discharge.

If the amount paid by you was in excess of the amount required to cover the cost of your care you will receive a refund from the hospital.

Estimated hospital costs will be provided prior to your admission by your Doctor or the hospital. We endeavour at all times to provide an accurate estimate, but unforeseen circumstances can occur and additional costs may be incurred.

Workcover / Worksafe / Third Party Insurance

If your admission is as a result of a Workcover/Worksafe, Third Party or Public Liability claim, the hospital will require prior written approval for your admission from the relevant insurance company. Your admission cannot be confirmed or proceed until this approval is received.

Any claims that have not been approved by the insurance company will be treated as a self funded admission and the estimated hospital costs will be payable by you.

Payment methods prior to or on admission The hospital accepts cash, bank cheques, money orders, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard for any amounts payable. A credit card surcharge of 1.5% applies for VISA and MasterCard. Personal cheques are not accepted.

If choosing to pay by EFTPOS, please note that most financial institutions have a daily limit of $1,000.

We realise hospital and related charges can sometimes be difficult to understand, so please feel free to contact the hospital's Patient Services Centre on 1800 033 480

Special assistance specifically designed to meet the needs and entitlements of veterans and war widows is available through our Better Discharge Planning Program.

Our staff will facilitate your access to this service.


  • A list of any questions you may have
  • Any relevant x-rays, scans or MRI's
  • Completed hospital forms, referrals, any letters or reports from your doctor
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs card*
  • Health care card*
  • Health insurance membership details
  • Medicare card
  • Pension card*
  • Pharmaceutical entitlement card*
  • Prescription record card*
  • Safety net card*
  • Workers compensation approval letter*.

* If applicable

Current medications

Please bring all of your current medications in the original packaging or dosette boxes i.e. pills, tablets, inhalers, injections, ointments, creams, vitamins or homeopathic medicines. If you have a list of your medication from your local pharmacies or doctor bring this as well.

Other items

  • Personal nightwear including slippers
  • Toiletries if staying overnight i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste
  • Shoes or slippers with non-slip soles and low heels
  • Books, magazines, laptops, iPads, iPods etc.

Please leave any valuables and jewellery at home as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items

Electrical Equipment

In order to ensure a safe environment is maintained, any personal electrical equipment that you bring into the hospital must have undergone a safety check (tag and tested) in the previous 12 months. E.T.C.S. Testing and Tagging offer a discount price for Hobart Private hospital patients.

Please have your electrical equipment tested and tagged prior to bringing it into hospital, this includes hairdryers, shavers, phone and other personal device chargers, laptops, electrical cords.

On discharge you will be given an instruction sheet for the management of your condition if relevant.You will also be given information in regards to contacting your doctor or presenting back to our Emergency Department with any major concerns.

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