We call this menu Private Dining because we’re a private hospital, setting a new standard in food. You’ll call it ‘absolutely delicious’. The meals you'll enjoy have been designed by our talented Executive Chef John O'Shea. He’s a whole foodie, who calls our patients, guests. He delights in presenting an ever-changing menu of fresh, seasonal ingredients and plates that are a pleasure.

Working with nutritionists and with your recovery in mind, meals are prepared according to your body’s demands throughout the day. Breakfast boosts metabolism and includes low-GI grains for lasting energy, lunch offers meals that are energising, while dinner is warm, nourishing comfort that will surprise and make you relax and smile.
From the simple elegance of Atlantic salmon farfalle to John’s signature poke bowls and his delicate, more-ish desserts, this is 5 star care that’s exclusively delicious, whatever your dietary requirements.

Which dish will you remember us by?

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