Critical care services

The Critical Care Unit at Hobart Private Hospital comprise 25 beds on the first floor, for acute cardiac, medical and high dependency surgical care.

All beds can be centrally monitored allowing for continuous cardiac monitoring. With the largest private cardiology service in Tasmania, Hobart Private Hospital manages cardiac emergencies and organises admissions to hospital for ongoing care in the dedicated coronary care area.

We partner with the Hobart Heart Centre for specialist cardiac services, pacemaker clinic and on-site imaging services for cardiography and angiography.

Our service is supported by a state of the art Angiography suite, which performs Angiography, Angioplasty (coronary and peripheral) and insertion of devices such as temporary pacemakers and intra aortic balloon pumps.

Opportunities exist for those wishing to pursue further education, with staff encouraged to apply for our post graduate certificate in Critical Care Nursing.

This is a nine month course sponsored by Healthscope and conducted in conjunction with University of Tasmania.

To offer educational guidance and support we have a dedicated Clinical Educator and experienced nurse preceptors to assist staff to achieve their goals.

Once you have been reviewed by your doctor and cleared for discharge, the nurse caring for you will organise your paperwork, including any follow up appointments and care.

We aim to discharge you home early in the day to enable you to settle back into your home environment.

As this is a critical care area, if you are no longer requiring high intensity nursing care, you may be transferred to another ward within Hobart Private Hospital for further care management.

The Critical Care Unit provides highly skilled specialist nursing care to the acutely unwell patient.

Our staff have post graduate qualifications in critical care, intensive care, cardiothoracic or coronary care nursing, allowing us to provide the appropriate level of care to meet patient needs.

The Critical Care Services staff also respond to medical emergencies within the hospital as part of the Emergency Response Call Team.

Hobart Private Hospital's patient services or the Nurse Unit Manager of the Critical Care Unit.


The Angiography Suite at Hobart Private Hospital is equipped with the latest technological equipment available for cardiac and peripheral vessel imaging, diagnostic and interventional cardiac and vascular procedures.

  • Diagnostic cardiac catheterisation
  • Right heart catheterisation and pressure measurements
  • Interventional cardiac procedures including:
    • Coronary angioplasty
    • Drug eluting stent insertion
    • Direct rotational atherectomy
    • Fractional flow reserve measurement
    • Temporary pacing wire insertion.
  • Permanent pacemaker insertion
  • Cardiac defibrillator insertion
  • Cardiac resynchronisation therapy
  • Implantable loop recorder insertion
  • Diagnostic peripheral angiography
  • Peripheral interventions including
    • Peripheral angioplasty
    • Peripheral stent insertion
    • Peripheral vessel embolisation.
  • Renal artery angiography
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm angiography
  • Endovascular aortic aneurysm repair and stent graft insertion.

A team of dedicated, well trained nursing staff and radiographers ably assists our cardiac and vascular consultants.

We contract the use of I-MED Regional Imaging - specialist radiographers who are trained in angiography services and whilst working in the suite provide valued support.

Care of patients pre and post angiography is managed where possible in the adjacent Critical Care Unit, giving added safety and security to patients undergoing angiography and interventional procedures.

This multidisciplinary approach to care ensures that our patients always get the very best of service when visiting the Hobart Private Hospital Angiography Suite.

With this wide ranging functionality our cardiologists and vascular surgeons are able to use the best possible equipment to provide the optimum management for patients with cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease.

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