Maternity tours

We’d love to take you on an individual tour of our Maternity Unit. We’ll combine this with your booking appointment. This usually takes place on Wednesday afternoons or the first Monday of the month. ​​​​You’ll be guided by one of our experienced midwives to view the Birth Suites, and the Maternity Suites where you’ll stay after you give birth. Throughout the tour, you’ll have an opportunity to ask lots of questions. Call us to arrange 03 6214 3370.

Postnatal education

We have a range of complimentary classes for mothers and partners. You’ll meet the midwives who will care for you when you have your baby. We offer evening classes to help fit into your lifestyle. You can arrange classes through our experienced team of midwives. Classes may be via Zoom or face to face.

  • Parent education, 2-hours, one evening a week over 4 weeks
  • Breastfeeding, 2-hour evening sessions offered twice a month

Depending on your needs and the needs of your family we provide support in the postnatal period so you feel confident taking baby home.


Our Assistance

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