We offer birthing for women over 34 weeks of pregnancy in consultation with your obstetrician and/or paediatrician, under this gestation you may need to be transferred to the adjacent Royal Hobart Hospital for higher level care to ensure the optimum safety for you and your baby.

Birth Suites

You’ll be impressed by our spacious Birth Suites. There’s a private ensuite and K2 foetal monitoring system, a range of active birth accessories to choose from, including beanbags, mirrors and birth stools.

We offer a variety of pharmaceutical and natural pain-relief options for labour. Please be assured, we want to support your choice in how you birth your baby.

One support person can be with you in the Birth Suite. It’s best to arrange for them to contact the people you wish to keep informed of your progress rather than receiving calls to the Birth Suite. There’s a phone that you can access any time to talk to your doctor.

You can take photographs at any time however video cameras are not allowed in the Birth Unit or operating theatre until after delivery. An exception may be made if you secure written consent from your obstetrician.

Maternity Suite

Our rooms are spacious and comfortable, ensuring an enjoyable stay. Your room includes a flat screen TV, telephone and a small fridge. Your environment is a calm place to enjoy those precious early days with bub. Partners may stay overnight if staying in a double bed private room or on a single bed in some of the smaller rooms. Meals for partners can be arranged through reception at a nominal cost.

Please note that for you and your baby’s security, the Maternity Unit is always locked. Your birth support partner and visitors can enter at Maternity Unit entrance with a door bell system when the reception is not staffed.

Operating Theatre

In the operating theatre we offer a family-friendly caesarean section which means your baby, your partner and the midwife all stay with you in the recovery ward so won’t be separated from your baby after birth, assisting with skin-to-skin contact.

Special Care Nursery

Our Special Care Nursery provides specialised care for premature babies over 34 weeks and full term babies needing a little extra care and attention. If a higher level of care is needed, your baby will be transferred immediately to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital adjacent to our facility. We have a 24-hour paediatric roster, with highly-skilled and credentialed paediatricians.

Our Assistance

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