Cardiology Service

With the largest private cardiology service in Tasmania, Hobart Private Hospital manages cardiac emergencies and organises admissions to hospital for ongoing care in the dedicated coronary care area.

We perform a range of cardiac procedures thanks to 11 cardiologists and three cardiothoracic surgeons treating their patients here. Yet it’s not just the number and complexity of surgeries that make us the heart of cardiac health care - the equipment and technology are state of the art. Our service is supported by a state of the art Angiography suite, which performs Angiography, Angioplasty (coronary and peripheral) and insertion of devices such as temporary pacemakers and intra aortic balloon pumps.

We partner with the Hobart Heart Centre for specialist cardiac services, pacemaker clinic and on-site imaging services for cardiography and angiography.



The private experience

Expect better when you’re with us. Your private patient comfort includes:

  • Specialist of your choice
  • Accommodation mainly in single rooms with ensuite
  • Private dining menu


Next steps

If your GP has recommended more complex cardiac care, ask for a referral to one of the state’s leading specialists. Tell them that you prefer to be treated at Hobart Private Hospital, the heart of cardiac care.


Find a cardiologist

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Our world class cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons treat a range of heart conditions and related symptoms.

  1. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below:
  2. Chest pain/Angina
  3. Palpitations- racing or irregular heartbeat. 
  4. Shortness of Breath
  5. Dizziness or fainting
  6. Signs of heart failure – swollen ankles, unable to lie flat or waking short of breath

You should contact your GP or present to our emergency department for assessment. If you require urgent attention dial 000 (triple zero) and ask for an Ambulance.

Heart disease remains the main cause of death in Australia. Hobart Private Hospital is a leading cardiac hospital, where the most sought after cardiac providers fight this statistic by dedicating themselves to the best possible care.

It's safe to say that you, the patient, are at the heart of everything we do.

Critical care services

The Critical Care Unit at Hobart Private Hospital consists of 25 beds for acute cardiac, medical, and high dependency surgical care. All beds are equipped with central monitoring for continuous cardiac monitoring. Our staff are highly skilled and have post graduate qualifications in critical care, intensive care, cardiothoracic, or coronary care nursing, enabling us to provide the appropriate level of care to meet patient needs. Additionally, the Critical Care Services staff respond to medical emergencies within the hospital as part of the Emergency Response Call Team.


At Hobart Private Hospital, our Angiography Suite is equipped with the most advanced technology for cardiac and peripheral vessel imaging, diagnostic and interventional cardiac and vascular procedures. Our team of dedicated, well-trained nursing staff and radiographers provide valuable support, and we contract the use of I-MED Regional Imaging - specialist radiographers who are trained in angiography services.

To ensure our patients receive the best care possible, pre and post angiography is managed in the adjacent Critical Care Unit. This multidisciplinary approach to care guarantees that our patients receive the highest quality of service when visiting the Hobart Private Hospital Angiography Suite.

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